Imran Khan this was my most fav time of the year. Miss those days of #Basant in #Lahore

Basant Feb 14, 2020

Basant festival in Lahore and other cities in Pakistan has been granted by Govt of the Punjab to celebrate.

This video is the most fav of Pakistanis to watch that Prime Minister of Pakistan  is also was celebrating Basant festival in Lahore.

In memory of the lost festival #Basant of #Lahore  Made this video of a boy flying kite In #sukkur #sindh on my recent trip Basant will not return to Lahore anymore and will keep hurting us every February  of every coming year... Us who are a witness to the glorious fading past

All over the world most of the celebrities was comes to Lahore, Pakistan celebrate Basant  festival, but since 2005 unfortunately festival was banned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan due to reported of 19 deaths and many injuries during the kite-flying (Basant) festival in Lahore and other cities.

Now the PTI Govt in Fedral and Punjab is decided to celibrate basant festival in Februry 22, 2020, but will be confirmed date announced after Supreme court orders to celebrate the Basant festival.

But most of the Local and Global TV channel's announced that date in news headlines.

  1. LHC seeks suggestions for safe Basant celebration: 29-Jan-2020
  2. LHC wants ban on 'killer' thread, not Basant festival: 21-Jan-2020
  3. Kite flying ban violators to be sent behind bars: CPO Rawalpindi
  4. Commissioner Hyderabad calls upon historical, archeological sites rehabilitation in original shape there is still question is that this Februry, 2020 will be host Basant for Lahoreis.?