iPhone 12 Unboxing Experience and MagSafe Demo!

iPhone 12 vs 12 pro Oct 30, 2020

This is the iphone 12 and the iphone 12 pro the ones a lot of people have been waiting for but also the controversial ones a little bit because of this new unboxing experience.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro

But you all know this wascoming apple knew this was coming let's just get right into it also by the way by the time you see this review. I will have been using and testing these new iPhones for a couple of days now some into the review process so definitely make sure you subscribe to be able to see that right away as soon as it comes out and also if you're under the shirt just shout out but here we have the two new smaller boxes and we also have someother stuff too that we're going to getinto that's sort of also part of the iPhone 12 story but we'll get into that in a second but here you go this is the new smaller iPhone box everybody's talking about that also other iPhones will start shipping with and we might as well get inside and see why it's smaller let's start with the iPhone 12 product red for this one and it really is pretty striking visually just to see a box that's like half the volume it normally is because it's half the height and as you get inside you can see the phone is right on top face down the foot print is basically the whole box with a little bit of padding so i imagine the pro max box will have to be a little bigger and then maybe the mini box is even smaller.

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But we might as well get to that plastic peel it's pretty simple this time and right away that is the product red iPhone 12 looking not actually that red but i'll get into that in a second but let's finish the unboxing we do have the cable here usb to lightning the only other stuff in the box is the paper work which is all in this little half-sized pamphlets the product red sheet the sim card removal tool and a single sticker so just just one white sticker with the iPhones now and that's it no wall brick no headphones just a phone and a cable in a box basically all right let's take a look at the iPhone 12 pro same exact size phone so same exact size box just all black now since the pro phones are all with these dark themes so the black box with blue accents for the pacific blue phone but yeah once you get inside phone's right up on the top and the contents of the box are in fact the same no special fancy coloured stickers for the pro or anything and no product red sheet obviously just a phone and a cable and that's the unboxing for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro so the controversy just to address it right off the bat is the the no charging brick in the box apple's defence of it is it's it's an environmental benefit meaning they won't have to ship all these these chargers and materials that are just going to end up in landfills anyway because people already own charging bricks fair but the thing isthe wall brick that they're talkingabout that they've been shipping with the iPhone since the beginning of time that everybody has already is the usb-a wall brick and they're shipping a usb-c cable with the iPhone 12.

The only people that have a usb-c wall brick are people who bought the iPhone 11. so most iPhone 12 buyers that only have the usb a wall brick will have to also go out and buy a usb-c wall brick which apple will conveniently sell you so you can see how that looks either way this is my first look at the new iPhones in person actually feeling them in the hand and i gotta say i'm definitely a fan of the updated like industrial design they look and feel great to me really solid a little heavy actually the boxy sides are every. thing. I wanted as far as taking inspiration from the iPad pro or even iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 errors of phones antenna lines near the corners super tight tolerances a flat screen pretty minimal camera bump but not zero. I think they would have looked even better with usb-c at the bottom but you know i guess we're never going to get that but generally the square sides make it i think more gripp able like some people may find it a little a little bit sharp actually at first and a little less comfortable but hey people out here are putting cases one very phone so i guess i shouldn't look too much into that but i think it looks nice it also happens to stand upon its own so that's pretty sweet what i will say though is the iPhone 12 pro has the glossy stainless steel sides and the iPhone 12 has the more matte aluminium sides and i honestly prefer the aluminium sides like the finger prints you catch on stainless steel don't look great it's the same reason i don't want the stainless steel apple watch i feel like it's just a little bit neater it's also a little bit lighter these phones are the exact same size and i mean exactly the same like cases that fit one fit the other but the iPhone 12 pro weighs 192 grams thanks to stainless steel and an extra camera and the iPhone 12 weighs 162. Basically i wish i could make like a hybrid between these two builds because i also like the satin on the back of the pro phones instead of this glossy back and i also don't i feel like this isn't really red like apple's actually notorious for always changing up colours so you never quite know if one space gray is the same as another space grey uh but the same thing also happens with product red and this is the least red product red i've seen so far from every angle it looks much more peach like like red orange or coral but yeah now you know a lot of people were wondering what the extra cutout is on the right side of that phone under neath the power button since all the other buttons are on the other side and that is just the cutout for the 5G antennas because yes all of these new iPhones have 5G and that'll of course be examined in the full review and other than that i mean you probably already recognize everything about these phones it's still looking very much like an iPhone same notch up at the top but of course the much better looking old display on the iPhone 12 that essentially matches what we've seen on these pro phones so these two phones are as expected very close to each other in a lot of ways likely on purpose and i'll get to the price analysis in the full review video but i want to dive into something a little more that's actually new with these which is magsafe so all these new iPhones now have magnets in the back embedded in the wireless charging coil for compatible accessories they're calling it magsafe so they're bringing the name back and there is potential for a whole world of new mag safe accessories that slap onto the back of the phone with magnets right now i don't know about you but my first question when i saw this was huh okay that is going to depend entirely on how strong these magnets actually are so now that we have it how strong are they and what do they like to use well what better way to visualise what's happening here than some good old-fashionedmagnet paper so this is what happenswhen you put magnet paper up to an oldiphoneiphone 11 there's nothing really hereexcept down here at the bottom which isactually just the speakers in the bottomof the phoneso when you put the magnet paper on aniphone 12boom you can immediately see theseconcentric circlesand then these lines straight down themfor alignment so anything that's goingto work with magsafe and slap onto theback of the phone and align itselfhas to line up with these and i justhappen to have some magsafe accessorieshere as well sothe most important one of course beingthe magsafecharger which is this thin little hockeypuck attached to a wirewith usbc at the other end it's not asuper long cable it's three feetand the puck itself basically resembleslike a giantapple watch charger it's flat it's metalon the outsidesit's white plastic on the inside and itjust slaps onto the back of the phonelike this it's actually pretty muchprecisely centered over the logo so it'san easy spot to findand it's firm but obviously since it'sjust a circle it doesn't align withthose other three lines underneath so itcan spin freely which is kind of neatand when you get it connected i believethere's an nfc chip inside that tellsthe iphone what accessory it justconnected toand plays an animation on the screenaccordingly so when you connect just themag safe chargeryou get just this little circularmagsafe charging animationand it's charging at 15 watts coolthen there's accessories like thismagsafe wallet that they showedboom it has all the correspondingmagnets inside to match up with thealignment of the iphoneand when you connect it it just kind ofsnaps onto the back in placeagain somewhat firmly but it's not superstrongand then it just plays the appropriateanimation so just to show you it knowswhat accessory was attachedthere's no extra settings or info on thephone but it just it just knows thensame here with this whole magsafe caseit's a full case that has the magneticcoils inside and you can see again thosemagnetssuper clear as day and when you put iton the phonethe whole screen lights up because itknows a whole caseis now on the phone now just in caseyou're wondering why would you need awhole magsafe case what's the pointso if you have the iphone and themagsafe case you attach itshows the animation realizes the case ison a specific blue animation which iscool for the caseand now you can still attach that puckonto the back of the phoneand you're gonna charge through magsafeso it's going through the caseso that's the benefit of the compatiblecase and yet stillif you have this little wallet accessoryand throw it on the back hereof the case it still recognizes throughthe case what accessory is happeningbut if i try to charge through thewalletand the case it actually stillmagnetizesbut it doesn't charge so it seems likethe limit to how many accessories i meanof course the wallet is magneticallyshielded because you don't want to havethe cards inside get messed upbut even if you put a second thing onthe back i don't think that would bevery efficientso yeah one layer of having a case onyour phone and still using magsafefine that's good um but yeah i thinkthat's the limittoo so anyway my take on magsafeis it's it's kind of cool but not quiteas cool as i was hopingmainly because of the strength of themagnets it'sit's a little loose now we'll see ifthird-party accessory makers canuse stronger magnets in theiraccessories to better attachto the iphone but i was imaginingsomething like a car mount may be comingout where it's just holding it up withmagnets butif you go over a bump like this magnet'snot going to hold it up soi'm i'm curious how that goes with withaccessories you really want to stayattached but evenlook at this this is the the walletmount which you'd really want to stayattached but even with this wallet caseputting it in my pocket it can easilyjust pop right off just slide right offandthat's your wallet that's like the onething you definitely want tofor sure stick to the phone thestrongest right so we'll seewe'll see what this ecosystem bringsanother fun fact thoughthis is still technically it's all chiit's a chi wireless charger so if youhave another android phone with qiwireless chargingit actually magnetizes to the back andwireless chargesmany other android phones so if you'reinto that you can buyapple's wireless charger and troll appleand take pictures of yourandroid phone wireless charging withmagsafeevery phone's had magsafe guys butanyway that's that's it that's the firstimpressions and hands-onlike i said i've been using these phonesnow for a couple days so the review isin the works but let me know what youguys would want to seein that video and of course there's abunch more coming up becauseit's tectober that's just what's goingon right now so that's been it thanksfor watchingcatch you guys in the next one peace