People like you make it easier to discover local places.

Google Maps Feb 21, 2020

Google Maps is update had brought the contribution as a Local guide button to the main screen for users to simply play their part in helping Google in assisting other searching users to seek out their destiny, coffee area, resorts, and other fav places.

Why do you have to contribute?

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According to the recent post, users had submitted quite 20+ million contributions to Google Maps a day . This includes everything from reviews and ratings to photos, answers to other users’ questions, and address updates.

Users are ready to make better decision supported photos, ratings, opinions, and useful tips shared by local guides.

consistently, even with real flow of useful data

With 20 million contributions coming in a day , Google tries its best to stay vigilant against inappropriate content and removes it before even it's spotted by users.

“At Google Maps, we still clamp down on the bad actors who violate our policies, employing a combination of individuals and technology to tackle unwelcome content,” the blog read.

Sorting through roughly quite 7 billion contributions a year, in 2019 alone, the corporate did the subsequent things:

  • Removed quite 75 million policy-violating reviews and 4 million fake business profiles because of refinements in our machine learning models and automatic detection systems which are becoming better at blocking policy-violating content and detecting anomalies for our operators to review
  • Took down quite 580,000 reviews and 258,000 business profiles that were reported on to us, as we make it easier for people to flag inappropriate content
  • Reviewed and removed quite 10 million photos and three million videos that violated our content policies, as our operators and automatic systems recover at catching policy-violating content, like off-topic photos
  • Disabled quite 475,000 user accounts as we improve our machine learning detection capabilities and develop expanded policies and training for our operators
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People like you make it easier to discover local places. Become a Local Guide and share your world on Google Maps.
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