Special aides to PM Imran Khan Tania Idrus and Dr Zafar Mirza resign after 'public criticism'

PM Imran Khan Jul 29, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan's Special Assistant for Health Dr Zafar Mirza and Special Assistant for Digital Pakistan Tania Idrus have announced their resignations.
In a message on the social networking site Twitter on Wednesday, Dr Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, said: Is.'
Shortly before Dr. Zafar Mirza announced his resignation, Special Assistant for Digital Pakistan Tania Idros had said that the Digital Pakistan project was being affected by the criticism leveled against her in the matter of dual citizenship and therefore she resigned. Are happening.
"The state has been criticized for my citizenship, which is undermining the purpose of digital Pakistan," said Tania Idrus. In the public interest, I am resigning as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister. I will continue to work for the service of my country and the vision of the Prime Minister.


Dr. Zafar Mirza further said that the people of Pakistan deserve a better health system and I worked sincerely for this purpose. Pakistan will, God willing, emerge from Code 19 with a strong medical system.
"I resign as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister," he added. I left the World Health Organization and came to Pakistan at the personal request of Imran Khan. It was an honor to serve Pakistan. I am satisfied that I am going at a time when the number of Code 19 cases in Pakistan has come down and this has been made possible as a result of a great national effort.

On the other hand, in her tweet, Tania Idros also attached a copy of her resignation in which she wrote, "I have always been a Pakistani and will always be a Pakistani. But there is talk of my Canadian citizenship, not of my will, but of my birth. "
"It is unfortunate that the spirit of a Pakistani to serve his country is being affected by such issues," he wrote.
According to the details released by the Government of Pakistan on the assets and citizenship of Prime Minister Imran Khan's Special Assistants and Advisers, seven of the 15 Special Assistants, including Tania Idrus, have either dual citizenship or are permanent residents of another country. ۔
Tania Edros has Canadian citizenship and is a permanent resident of Singapore.
Special aides to the prime minister have been criticized by opposition and critics in Pakistan after details of his assets and citizenship were published.
It should be noted that the dual citizenship law does not apply to special advisers and assistants, but experts say that as cabinet members, they have access to important decisions and documents of the country, which could lead to conflicts of interest.

Who is Tania Idrus?


Tania Idros was appointed by Imran Khan as her special assistant last year and she had held senior positions in the global technology company Google before taking up the post.
Prime Minister Imran Khan had said in a speech at a function in December 2019 that Tania used to work at Google and he did not know how much money she was earning but she made a difficult decision to leave Google.
Prime Minister Imran Khan had lauded his decision, saying "time will prove that the decision he has made today will be a turning point in his life."
Tania Idros had said in her speech at the event that it has been 20 years since she left Pakistan.
He received his education from MIT. According to him, when he got the opportunity from the MIT platform, he also did a case study on Pakistan.
According to her, seven years ago, when she got the opportunity to launch Pakistan Business, ie Google's products in Pakistan, she moved to Singapore from the United States.
She says that while doing all this, she felt that what she was doing for Pakistan was not enough.


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