This New iPhone 14 pro Introducing by Apple

iPhone Sep 08, 2022
iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

It's time to go beyond what a smartphone can do.-

Roll camera!- With a massive camera upgrade, the A16 Bionic chip,an entirely new category of safety innovations,and never-before-seen display technology,this is iPhone 14 Pro.

The Always-On display artfully dims your wallpaperto create a unique low-powered Lock Screen,making go-to information available at just a glance.And introducing a remarkable innovationthat is both hardware and softwareand something in-between --the Dynamic Island.

An interactive place that bubbles up alerts,notifications, and activities,fluidly transforming itself as needed. It's an entirely new way to experience iPhone. You are now looking at the most impressiveiPhone camera system yet.In a major leap, the iPhone 14 Pro's Main camerahas a 48-megapixel quad pixel sensor.It captures breathtaking detail, depth, and color,and now gives you the equivalent of four pro lenses at the ready.With every photo, [CAMERA SHUTTER] the quad pixel sensor captures four times more information than ever before.

Then the A16 Bionic powering the new Photonic Engineanalyzes and perfects every pixelwith up to four trillion operations, achieving an astonishing new level of sharpness and detail. Ethereal electronic And now, pro photographers will be able to capturean uncompressed 48-megapixel ProRAW image,giving you even more resolution to rescale, retouch,and reimagine your photos. Driving percussion That was perfect. Let's go again.- Building off iPhone's leap aheadin ProRes and Dolby Vision video technology, iPhone 14 Pro now includes new Action mode,allowing gimbal-like stabilizationfor all your action scenes. And Cinematic mode will be even more powerfulfor pro filmmakers with 4K resolutionand 24-frames-per-second recording. iPhone 14 Pro is capable of shotsthat for most film cameras are simply impossible. You can rely on your iPhone every day.

Satellites with Emergency SOS

And now it can even help in emergency situations. For the first time, iPhone 14 Pro will be able to communicate with satelliteswith Emergency SOS...[WHOOSHING]...allowing you to deliver critical informationto emergency services in places where Wi-Fi and cell serviceare unavailable. And a feature we hope you never have to use...- Commencing test.

Crash Detection.

Using a high g-force accelerometer, gyroscope, sensors, and machine learning algorithms,iPhone 14 Pro can detect when there's been a severe car crashand automatically call emergency services. Supercharged by nearly 16 billion transistors, the A16 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphoneand powers the most impressive range of pro innovations yet. The iPhone 14 Pro goes above and beyond, redefining what a smartphone can be......again.


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