Twitter given new feature Conversation Threads To iOS

Twitter Feb 3, 2020

Twitter is rolling out new conversation threads feature on iOS helping users distinguish Tweets from replies, making it easier to hitch conversations.

As a part of Twitter’s bid to form its platform more “conversational,” it's been testing threaded replies on its twitter beta app for the last six months approximately . Now, the feature is rolling out on the Twitter app on iOS, making it easier for users to “see who’s replying to who” and thus make it tons easier for them to hitch in on conversations.

The feature was first tested in 2018, as a part of Twitter‘s bid to extend engagement on Tweets, but it had been eventually unrolled to beta testers last year. within the most up-to-date version of the feature now on iOS devices, replies are threaded below Tweets. However, there's none of the color-coding that was apparent in previous versions.

In any case, threaded conversations will allow users to be ready to identify replies from people they know far more easily, and possibly participate within the conversations that are happening .