Twitter sharing to other App menu is finally coming for Android OS

Twitter Oct 24, 2020

Twitter has been experimenting with new sharing options to expand its reach across other forums too, and to enhance user engagement by providing them easy, accessible, sharable opportunities. In August, Twitter introduced the new ‘Share’ menu feature with a revamped interface for iOS users. Through this menu, Twitter users can share the topics or tweets they love with their favorite people on different other apps too.

Suppose you actually find an intriguing topic about health on Twitter, and you would like to share it together with your friend who may be a doctor, but they are doing not use Twitter. So, retweeting that tweet isn't getting to make your friend see your tweet, neither is direct messaging an option since they're not on the platform. This friend of yours uses WhatsApp on a daily basis, so you'll now share this subject or tweet with them from Twitter to WhatsApp.

This functionality proved to be quite success on iOS, and Twitter is now extending it for Android users too. The recent reports suggest that Twitter has begun testing this feature with the redesigned interface for Android devices and shortly , they're going to even be ready to share their interests from Twitter to other platforms.

This cross-platform connection, or say, inter-platform shareability isn't a replacement concept in fact . WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, all have this feature, and that they all allow the users to expand their reach through this easy step. This really is an efficient tool to enhance communication and increase user engagement. Connecting people is that the main aim of of these social media platforms, therefore the importance of this one, simple, sharing option across different platforms is undeniable. For better words, Twitter should have brought this feature before instead of taking so long! Even the testing phase took tons of your time . First, it had been released for iOS users, then after a month, it's gone for testing for Android users.

No wonder Android users often feel frustrated for being the last to receive updates from various apps. Most of the tech companies first introduce features on iOS, then they carry them for Android. So, this type of discriminatory behavior may be a little disappointing, but it's alright as long as everyone gets the features at the top of the day. Because as we are saying , it's always better to be late than never experiencing interesting things like that!