All upcoming features of Microsoft’s Windows 10 X

Windows 10 X Feb 3, 2020

Microsoft Windows 10's five upcoming features you must know

  • New Cortana experience.
  • Faster Windows search.
  • Improved disk usage for Windows Search.
  • Virtual desktop renaming.
  • Event creation from taskbar.

Windows 10 X may be a re-creation of Windows 10 designed for dual-screen devices and it’s also coming to traditional laptops at some point. Windows 10 X will accompany variety of exclusives features and it'll also offer a customized interface for all core components of Microsoft’s desktop OS.

Although Microsoft is getting to bring Windows 10 X to traditional laptop form factors, there won’t be a politician way of putting in the OS on an existing Windows 10 device. The software giant isn’t getting to provide it in ISO format, but it’ll be possible through third-party tools.

With Windows 10 X, Microsoft is scrapping Live Tiles, the massive icons with interactive information from the Windows Phone days. The new OS comes during a more simplified look and it's icons, and Microsoft is looking it ‘Launcher’.

The Launcher has icon-based apps and websites, and an enquiry bar.

What’s new in Windows 10 X

Here’s everything new and improved in Windows 10 X.


Like Windows 8, Windows 10 X also will have gestures. for instance , you’ll be ready to swipe from the proper side to open Action Center and swipe from rock bottom of the screen to open the beginning menu.

The gestures also will work on laptops via the touchpad.

Action Center

There’s also a replacement Action Center in Windows 10 X and it puts more emphasis on quick actions. The Action Center expands in size when there are new notifications and it’s designed in such how that you simply can quickly find the setting toggle without opening the settings app.

Action Center on 10X

Microsoft has also added brightness and volume sliders. you'll also view the battery percentage and also as access the facility options.

Compose mode

As you'll see within the above screenshot of Action Center, there’s a replacement quick action called ‘Compose mode’.

The Compose Mode allows you to modify taskbar to a more traditional taskbar. On Surface Neo-like devices, it enables productivity-friendly experience and allows users to use the keyboard accessory, touchpad and emoji panel.

Set up experience

Windows 10 X also offers a replacement found out experience with a contemporary look and feel. Like Android and other mobile OSes, the 10X also will walk you thru the device setup and assist you select the right sign-in, language, regions, update, privacy and other settings.

Microsoft has finally removed Cortana from the new found out experience.

Dynamic wallpaper

Windows 10 X also comes with dynamic wallpapers support and it might change content counting on your device’s time or your geolocation.

For example, Microsoft plans to supply a mountain-view wallpaper and it might change its content during sunrise, afternoon, sunset, and night.

The following apps are going to be pre-installed on Windows 10 X:

  • Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store.
  • Mail & Calendar.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Groove Music and films app.
  • Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, To-Do, Microsoft Photos.
  • Sticky Notes, MS Paint, People, Notepad.
  • Spotify, Netflix.
  • Windows Camera, Windows Calculator, Alarms & Clock, Voice Recorder.
  • Weather, Solitaire.
  • Notepad.
  • 4 OEM apps.


Windows 10X Lockscreen

Microsoft is updating the lockscreen with a replacement model that brings up the lockscreen with authentication options. You not got to dismiss the lock before authentication.

By default, new lockscreen allows you to log in via Windows Hello face recognition , PIN or password.


Windows 10X taskbar

The OS are going to be adaptable to the device it’s getting used on, which suggests there be a standard taskbar interface on laptops and touch-friendly interface on foldable devices.

You’ll be ready to have a left-aligned taskbar on a standard laptop and center-aligned on a dual-screen device.

Microsoft also will allow you to change the position of taskbar icons on all devices.

Windows 10 X release date

Windows 10 X are going to be released within the holidays 2020 and therefore the OS are going to be finalized alongside 20H2 in October/November 2020.

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