Galaxy Fold 2 will be Launched with a new S Pen

Fold 2 Feb 18, 2020

After yesterday's Galaxy Fold 2 ripe news, it is time for an additional portion of showing a touch more about the planning of the handset. consistent with a reasonably reputable source, Samsung's upcoming successor of the Fold will incorporate one among Galaxy Note's iconic features - the S Pen.

When you believe it, it does make tons of sense. The Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly open up to a 7.7-inch display, which is quite an in. bigger than the Galaxy Note10+, so it might be wasteful to not utilize that screen land with an S Pen functionality. Moreover, consistent with the leak, the S Pen are going to be re-designed. Perhaps the re-design is important thanks to the surface being more susceptible to scratches. and that we still do not know whether Samsung will accompany the UTG display or keep the plastic one from the old Fold.

The report also claims that the Fold 2 will borrow the S20+'s camera setup - 12MP main, 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide and a 3D ToF sensor to assist all of them . Interestingly, the display on the outer shell of the phone will have an Infinity-V panel - a minimalist notch, while the most display will choose either a punch-hole design or an under-screen camera. But we knew that already from yesterday's leak.

The handset will incorporate high-quality materials like ceramic and chrome steel and can are available five colors - Blue, Silver, Gold, Pink and Black.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumors, specs, price, release date and more

That source is claiming the price of the Fold 2 will be similar to the original. - that's $1,980 / £1,900 / AU$2,900.

1. A lower price costs $1,980 / £1,800 (around AU$3,350),

2. A more durable design even more fragile than a standard phone.

3. A better secondary screen display is folded shut

4. No more crease when the screen is open.

5. An even refresh rate shift unevenly across the screen.

6. A microSD card slot 512GB of storage

7. A bigger, faster charging battery 4,380mAh