Google Drive hides ‘Backups’ on the online device from main navigation

Google Drive Feb 10, 2020

Android devices can copy apps, call history, and device settings to Google Drive. On the online , Google Drive is tweaking how you view “Backups,” with the section not visible from the navigation drawer.

Google has been warning users signing in to Drive over the past few days that “Backups have moved.” The banner also includes “Go to Storage” and “Learn more” shortcuts:

you'll now manage and consider your device and app backups under Storage.

Instead of a fanatical “Backups” section with phone icon just above “Storage,” you've got to click the gigabyte/terabyte count just underneath the progress bar. You get an inventory of each enter your online Drive organized by storage size, and within the right-corner may be a blue link to “Backups.”

You’ll see an equivalent list of signed-in devices and apps — currently just WhatsApp — with the “Last backup” date noted. Tapping shows what’s saved and provides you the power to delete. there's no thanks to view that actual data.



This new process is somewhat convoluted and buried, but viewing your list of backups is somewhat smaller on the online than mobile — where it’s still housed within the navigation drawer.

The change was announced earlier this month alongside new G Suite admin controls for third-party app backups in Google Drive.



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