Kashmir wants justice Feb 06, 2020

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan addressing the 74th United Nation General Assembly Session in September, 2019 had drawn global attention on the issue of Kashmir in the wake of illegal revocation of article 370 of the Indian Constitution and has pointed out that 8 million Kashmiries are caged like animals in their homes and UN now must urge India to lift the curfew. He emphasized that it is also a test for United Nations.


Pursuant to the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, we the common people of Punjab who are on the streets, in public spaces, on the buses, in the parks, in the shops, in the offices and in homes are signing this petition & collectively reiterate the stance of the Prime Minister. We, the people, submit this petition to United Nations Human Rights Commission to remind international community that people in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir are facing worst kind of suffering, discrimination and un-told brutal treatment. We, the people, stand by the people of Kashmir, through thick & thin and demand that international community must act now and to stop this genocide. We, the people, also demand to end of these human rights violations as well as lifting of curfew in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian actions in IOJ & K are illegal and unlawful


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