Now you can find people you haven't saved to your Google Contacts account

Google Feb 19, 2020

Even that friend who emailed you once six years ago

Google keeps an inventory of everyone you reach bent or receive an email from on Gmail. albeit you do not add that person to your contacts, you'll easily find them within the "Other" category, accessible at However, there was no thanks to get thereto list from the Contacts app on Android. Google has now rectified that oversight, but only in search results.

Simply start typing a reputation within the Contacts app and you will get suggestions from your saved contacts first, followed by "Other contacts" from your various Google accounts. Tapping on any of them will reveal whatever details are related to them, and you'll easily reach bent them or properly save them to your address book.

The feature was just announced within the app's change log, but we will see it in action on the most recent Contacts v3.17.1 also as a way older v3.15.2, leaving us to think it had been either server-side enabled or it has been slowly rolling out for a short time . It could even be that Google just remembered to feature it to the change log albeit it has been live for a short time — insert Google shrug. no matter when it appeared, the choice seems to be live for all now, and you'll catch on whether you download the app from the Play Store or grab it manually from APK Mirror.

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