WhatsApp Beta version for Android and IOS with solid color backgrounds look like dark theme

whatsapps Feb 8, 2020

WhatsApp has implemented the dark theme in its Beta version a couple of weeks ago on Android. Well, it seems that the delay in launching the theme had other goals behind it.

According to WABetainfo, the WhatsApp application will earn quite Dark Mode in its next updates. it had been discovered that Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, intends to implement new solid color backgrounds.

These backgrounds are all dark. In other words, we still have the advantage of saving autonomy on the smartphone when using the appliance .

We have new backgrounds to feature to the standard Dark Theme that we are already wont to . Therefore, within the new Beta version, users can choose from Dark Brown, Dark Navy, Dark Olive, Dark Purple and Dark Velvet. If you decide on a dark solid color and you modify the theme, WhatsApp will automatically change that dark solid color to a light-weight one.

That way, you'll select these colors if you've got WhatsApp version 2.20.32 installed. it's worth mentioning that it's a “server” update. That is, not all users with this version installed will see the solid color possibilities.
Benefits of the dark theme

  • Better reading in low light situations
  • Better smartphone autonomy management
  • Different design than usual

It is worth noting that none of those colors are going to be nearly as good for autonomy because the black one. In fact, it's a pity that WhatsApp didn't even choose “black” rather than a dark color.

The black manages to save lots of considerably more autonomy in smartphones with OLED and AMOLED screens. within the models that have an LCD screen, the autonomy is saved, however, not with an equivalent relevance as in other screens. What does one believe the new Whatsapp background colors? allow us to know within the comments.

How to WhatsApp Change the Dark Theme:

The new colour options for WhatsApp wallpaper can be found in the settings menu under Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Solid Colors. At the same time, WhatsApp users also have the option to set images of their choice as the chat wallpaper. Dark mode on WhatsApp is available as two options – dark theme and light theme.

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