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coronavirus Mar 10, 2020

The Corona virus, which originated from China, has now spread worldwide and has killed more than 3600 people, where the number of its victims has exceeded one million. China is the country most affected by the virus so far, while in Pakistan 18 cases have been reported so far. The Italian government has locked down the entire country after nearly one hundred deaths in a day, and every citizen has instructions to keep at least one meter away.

The number of Corona virus cases has increased to 267 in Sindh

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Sindh Health Department of Pakistan has said that two new cases of Corona virus have emerged in Sindh, according to the department.

The second case is from Karachi and the patient came from Iran via Dubai. The department said in its statement that all the acquaintances of the two men are being searched for further testing.

After the emergence of new cases, a total of 15 cases have been discharged in Sindh, of which one has been discharged after recovery. There have been 18 cases of Corona in Pakistan, two of them in Islamabad and one in Gilgit. Is in the United Kingdom.

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Sindh high court suspends fingerprint attendance system

The Sindh High Court has issued a directive in the presence of the Corona virus that all employees' attendance should be recorded by facial identification rather than fingerprints.

In a statement from the BBC's judicial registrar, the IT department of the court has been directed to suspend the option of thumb and fingerprints from the biometric system in attendance during the outbreak.

When washing hands, be sure not to leave these parts in place


The plight of Pakistanis trapped in Tifan

Mohammad Amir has been on Balochistan's Teftan border connecting Balochistan for eight days. He says some people have been here for 11 days but have not yet made any arrangements for accommodation or food by the government.

Talking to BBC's Azam Khan, he said that no one could stay the night in the tents that were set up in this cold weather. According to him, there are currently hundreds of people living in two rooms of Pakistan House on the border.

He says, "If anyone has a coronary virus, living together can affect more people."

According to Mohammad Amir, children, women and elderly people are more difficult and curious here. At night the wind blows and only a blanket is available to cover. According to him, there is no arrangement for even a washroom in the place where he has been appointed. Some people are currently living in the office of the Union Council of Taftan.

He says the government has not arranged for such a large number of doctors here, only headache and fatigue pills are available from here.

Mohammad Amir says that a large number of people who stayed here started a walk march towards Quetta on Monday, who was re-celebrated by an FC colonel and brought back to the border. According to him, despite repeated promises, the required facilities are still unavailable.

About food, he said, it is cooked from a nearby market. According to him, some people there tried to make a video of the meal, while security personnel took the phone from them.

If you're in the UK and search for the 'Corona Virus' on Google, Facebook and YouTube, chances are you'll find information from the National Health Service or the World Health Organization.

This is one of the steps to tackle misinformation about the epidemic.

The National Health Service says it has closed an account with Twitter claiming itself a hospital and spreading false information.

England's Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harris says it's safe to hold out-of-the-box events, such as a football match.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pointed out that the elderly and other people at risk may be asked to stay home in the near future.


What does Lock Down mean?

  • People's mobility has been restricted, but concessions are being made when needed.
  • Restaurants and bars are allowed to be open from 6am to 6pm. However, it is important to keep at least one meter distance for the customers to arrange seating.
  • Shops also need to ensure a distance of at least one meter between their customers.
  • Closing orders have been issued to cinemas and museums.
  • Skiing resorts have also been ordered to remain closed.
  • All sports activities across the country, including football matches, have been suspended.
  • Schools and universities will also be closed until April 3.
  • Public gatherings will be prohibited at weddings, funerals and events such as Baptism.



  • The Corona virus originated in China and is now spread around the world
  • Worldwide, the number of people infected with the virus has increased to over one million
  • In Italy, the Corona virus is causing a dangerous situation and in one day the virus has killed 133 people.
  • Nine more Corona virus cases in Pakistan, 16 infected
  • The virus has killed more than 3600 people worldwide so far
  • Market shares around the world have been badly affected by the Corona virus, and share prices have dropped so much since the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Italy is the most affected country in the world after China, followed by South Korea and Iran.
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