The world's biggest conspiracy exposed research.

conspiracy May 8, 2020
The world's biggest conspiracy exposed research. Part #1 Zaid Hamid Defense Analytics and PhD Computer Sciences 

The world's biggest conspiracy exposed research. part #2

Syed Faisal Raza Abdi

The plan was developed in Israel and involved major conspiratorial minds from the United States, Britain and India. (According to some Saudi sources, they included Iranian intelligence officials and representatives of the Qadianis.) Russia and China were not included because they have close ties to some Muslim countries. And this is a conspiracy against Muslims.
According to the plan's blueprint, since the world's media is under Jewish control, it has been tasked with propagating a false virus. Let no one doubt the United States or Israel, so it started with China.
Unaware of the issue, China's central government paid millions of dollars to Wuhan's local administration, while hospital doctors were bribed. He shouted that a virus had spread in his city which was deadly.
China's forgotten central government took it for granted and locked it down. Now no one could come and go in the city. Doctors in Wuhan began beating patients with every disease, saying hundreds died, thousands died. So much so that even patients with a mild cold were forcibly vaccinated.
In other cities in China, Jewish agents have killed many people by saying the same thing. At the same time, the media in Europe and the United States began to spread false news that people from China had spread the virus in their countries.
In the meantime, Chinese intelligence has uncovered the truth and arrested Wuhan's administration and hospital black sheep. All of them were executed and the city was reopened. You can see that since then no patient has come forward in China and no one has died.
But the West had the opportunity it needed. The United States and European countries locked down and began to exaggerate daily data on patients and deaths. Now that there is a lockdown, who will go to the hospital and see if anyone is coming or not? Is anyone dying or not?
We all know that Hindus and Jews control the business of the whole world. Who are all the billionaires in the world? There are Jews like Bill Gates or Hindus like Anil Ambani. The owner of Facebook is also Jewish. They are all doing good propaganda. Qadianis are supporting him step by step.
All the airlines have been silenced by paying billions of dollars and it has been said that they will compensate you, just stop the flights. Offices and businesses in the United States and Europe are closed, but we know that governments are paying their people at home, why? Because the Jews are giving them billions of dollars.
Who is affected? Poor countries and Muslims in South America and Africa. Imran Khan is skeptical that is why he is repeatedly asking the western countries to forgive the debts of the poor countries. If the Western countries and the IMF had been sincere and if there had really been an epidemic, the loans would have been forgiven. But they will never do that because that is the real conspiracy.
Russia has not been involved in the plot before. No patients or deaths were reported from his country. But then Putin was taken into confidence. For this, the young people of Chechnya are in trouble. When he found out what the outcome of the conspiracy was, he agreed. Now you see for yourself, the false news of the deaths of thousands of people in Russia is starting to come every day.
Pakistani media is also involved in this conspiracy. That is why Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, the agent of the Jews, has been caught by the NAB because the ISI has found out the inside story. But the game is so big that despite the owner's arrest, Geo and other channels are constantly propagating that so many people in Pakistan have fallen ill, so many people have died.
There is a PPP government in Sindh which has always been a tool of foreign powers. That is why he was the first to lock down and the Chief Minister threatened the people in the language of the Jews. The helpless government of Pakistan is watching the game and is compelled.
So far, not a single person in the whole country or in the whole world has been able to swear that he has seen a patient with the corona virus or that someone has died from it. Obviously, this is the way to go. This is all a lie.
As you know, doctors in the United States and Europe have repeatedly said that there is no cure for the corona virus. They are saying this because there is no virus. It would have been treated.
Similarly, there are now fake reports that vaccines are being developed in the United States and Europe. Have you heard of any such news from China? China makes everything in the world, so why not make vaccines? Because if there is a virus, it should be vaccinated. China knows the truth.
What will happen now is that the United States will announce that it has developed a vaccine. It will be good propaganda. A Jewish doctor will also be awarded the Nobel Prize for this fake deed. Then a drug called vaccine will be spread all over the world.
In Europe and the United States, the drug will increase male potency. But the medicine that will be given to Asia, Africa and South America will weaken the drinkers. They will be disabled from having children. Even if she had children, she would be physically weak. That is, if not this generation, then the next generation will be infertile.
Muslims living in Europe and the United States and Canada will also be given the same medicine to reduce their numbers. Is it a secret that America and Europe are fed up with Muslim refugees and want to get rid of them?

Even before this, the United States, Europe and the United Nations have repeatedly tried to reduce the Muslim population at the behest of Hindus, Jews and Qadianis. Medicines were added to the products of the Qadiani company Shezan, but Muslims stopped buying them. Then iodized salt was spread but fortunately it did not affect the Muslims. Genocide drops were then added to the polio vaccine, but the pool was opened.
Disappointed on all sides, the world powers have started this great game. But we orthodox Muslims believe that no plan of Hindus, Jews and Qanud can ever succeed.
And so everyone in our Pakistan is sold out Just a few days ago, an incident took place with a servant named Akram. He was also killed. His family members said that he had been suffering from diabetes for a year. He used to faint due to high blood sugar. The day before, the patient had high blood sugar and difficulty in breathing. The patient was brought to Indus Hospital and after checking it, he was shifted to Jinnah Hospital.
One day after being transferred to the hospital, he was in the ward and his condition disappeared. At 4 o'clock in the night, an ambulance arrives. One of the sons of the deceased was downstairs. He asked the driver of the ambulance, How did you come? The driver said that we have come from Ward No. 23 to get the dead body. When we asked him about the dead body, he said that Karuna's patient has died. His name is Akram. We have come to get his dead body. So the son of the deceased said, "My father is alive and he is still walking and talking. He is still alive." The driver said, "We have received the order. They are doing Then at 5:30 the son of the deceased came down from the ward for some work and after 15 minutes he went back to the ward. Son I was amazed how the driver and the ambulance found out 2 hours before the death that this patient would die and arrived 2 hours before to pick up his dead body. Maybe Malik Alamut told them in advance. Given that this servant will die, you people should reach by ambulance 2 hours before The family of the deceased says that our servant has been killed. Son
Similarly, the story of all the people whose relatives have died is the same and the bodies are being politicized and the bodies are being sold. According to sources, one lakh to three lakh dead bodies are being sold and This is also a global conspiracy because suspicions and maneuvers indicate that a secret conspiracy is taking place People are being scared more and more by the corona virus and if it were a reality and it was a contagious epidemic then the kind of carelessness that is happening would have spread the epidemic and the death toll would have been much higher.
Our government and the Supreme Court are requested to conduct an autopsy on those who have died due to the Karuna epidemic.
Muhammad Elias Arai And his family should be asked what disease he already had. So far no coronary patient has died in his home.
Everyone who is dying is dying in the hospital and the story of every one who dies is like Akram's death.

According to some sources, all the people who have died due to Dr. Karuna so far had rebelled against this system, so they were put in hiding so that the veil would not be exposed. My investigation may also attack me. Elias Arai can be killed for the crime of revealing this secret my living conscience begs its institutions to investigate and bring to light the true nature of this epidemic.
That was the essence of Karuna and if I have to investigate the live corona virus, I will be there for 14 days with the corona patient in front of the camera and if no doctor comes to me, there will be nothing to see and the corona patient will not die. Nor will I die because of Karuna.
This will prove that Karuna is nothing i urge you to share this post so that everyone knows about the global conspiracies. This is a global conspiracy that is only against Muslims and the Jews will use it as a vaccine against Muslims and on everyone. They will have to get tested for coronavirus and get vaccinated against Muslims.