COVID-19 Vaccine: The first 'milestone' vaccine provides 90% protection

COVID-19 Nov 9, 2020

An effective vaccine against the corona virus has been developed, with preliminary experimental results showing that it can prevent 90% of people from contracting the virus.
"This is a great day for humanity and science," said Pfizer and Biotech, the international pharmaceutical companies that co-developed the vaccine.
The vaccine has been tested experimentally on 43,500 people in six countries and so far there have been no concerns or complaints.
The companies plan to get the vaccine approved on an emergency basis so that it can be used by the end of this month.
Restrictions on the lives of ordinary people around the world can be better treated and the use of this vaccine can be relieved.
More than a dozen vaccines are being worked on in the third and final phase of trials, but this is the first vaccine to have results.