iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro - Which One You Should Choose?

iPhone 12 Nov 21, 2020

We want to  help you decide if you should pick up an iPhone 12 or an iphone 12 pro i'm going to go over all  the similarities and everything that makes the
two different and so let's start off with the  different colors with the iphone 12 you have a little bit more of a color variety and you can see  this is the blue color you also have green product red white and black with the iphone 12 pro you  only get four color choices and those are pacific blue like i have here along with gold graphite  which replaces space gray of the years past as well as silver there's also a price difference  between these different phones so the iphone 12 starts at $799 dollars for 64 gigabytes of  storage and then goes up to $949 dollars with 256
gigabytes of storage now if you want to buy the  iphone 12 unlocked it's an additional 30 dollars that's something new over what we had before with  the iphone 12 pro the prices start at $999 dollars with 128 gigabytes of storage to start and then  go up to $1299 with 512 gigabytes with unlocked variants the price is no different with the 12  pro so you only have to pay 30 dollars extra with the iphone 12. now as far as the overall build and  size well the size itself is absolutely identical
in fact the exact same cases work for either or so  apple has made them the same size and when you buy a case it actually says that it's for the iphone  12 and 12 pro so you'll see this is the navy blue or deep navy case that they have if i take it off  the iphone 12 i can slide it onto the iphone 12 pro it fits the exact same way despite the camera  differences on the back they're the exact same in every way that way so as far as a size difference  well there's no difference whatsoever so if that's a determining factor for you either one is fine  as far as that goes now the build is a little bit different the iphone 12 is a little bit lighter  because it's made of aluminum in fact the outside edge is aluminum all the way around it's a nice  matte color whatever color you get it has this nice matte finish on it now also the back is glass  and you can see just from doing this beginning part of the video it's a fingerprint magnet so if  you don't put a case on this you'll notice a lot of fingerprints but around the camera bump is more  of a matte finish with the glass it's all glass
back and front on both devices now with the  iphone 12 pro it's stainless steel around the outside edge it's a polished stainless steel all  the way around and it's also a matte glass on the back with the camera bump being more of a glossy  glass so they sort of reversed it between the two as you can see here now also we have glass on  the back and front on both so it's basically the same thing depending on which device you get it's  just a different color and a different finish now because of those different builds there's a weight  difference as well so the iphone 12 comes in at 5.78 ounces or 164 grams the iphone 12 pro is a  little bit heavier at 6.66 ounces or 189 grams now other than the weight differences like i said  they're identical in every way so you have a power sleep wake button on the right side you have a  little out for your 5g antenna we'll talk more about that in a moment on the bottom they're the  exact same so as you can see the microphone is here on the right with the speaker on the left  and the lightning port in the center the antenna lines are identical although there might be a  slight thickness difference there between the two based off maybe material difference again your  volume buttons on the side and your silent switch and antenna lines as well and then your sim  card tray so everything's identical all the way around and like i said they both have 5g they have  the exact same 5g network everything is the same as far as that the speakers are the same the  microphones are the same and the displays are the same they're both using gorilla glass with ceramic  shield so they should be equally durable with
drops and apple says they're up to four times more  durable with drop tests than last year and early scratch tests of these devices are saying they're  more durable than last year's iphone 11 line so that's good news but like i said they're the  exact same displays they're the same in every dimension 6.1 inch super retina xdr oled displays  you don't have an lcd option this year now neither have 120 hertz refresh rates they're 60 hertz  refresh rates so everything is still pretty smooth between both of them but they are 60 hertz they're  also the same resolution at 2532 by 1170 with 460 pixels per inch they support hdr and true tone but  there is one slight difference that apple included between the two and it's kind of strange because the iphone 12 which i'll switch over to the left just to keep it consistent and like i said they're  the same i didn't even know.