Pakistan has been ranked as 4th Generation Regulator (G4) by the ITU

itu Apr 23, 2020

Press Release: #Pakistan has been ranked as 4th Generation Regulator (G4) by the @ITU and has become the only country in South Asia to have achieved this goalpost. Out of 38 economies in Asia-Pacific, only 8% states have managed to achieve G4 status.

According to ITU’s report“Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2020(GIRO)”, Pakistan scored 88/100 which means that Pakistan’s ICT regulations are led by economic & social policy goals. Pakistan is also among the top 5 regulators in the entire Asia-Pacific region with a global rank of 48.

GIRO is built on high-quality data provided by 193 countries worldwide that forms the basis of ‘#ICT Regulatory Tracker’. The Tracker, developed by ITU, is an evidence-based tool that helps decision-makers and regulators monitor the rapid evolution of ICT regulation.

The report further reveals that Pakistan has scored full marks (20/20) for Regulatory Authority, 19/22 for regulatory mandate, 22/30 for regulatory regime and 27/28 for competition framework.

Pakistan’s journey towards collaborative regulation has also been highlighted as a special feature in the report.

PTA is continuously striving to achieve new international benchmarks by showing its commitment to protect consumer interests and enhance public-private collaborations for the digital transformation & socio-economic benefit of #Pakistan.