Breaking News: Saudi Arabia handed over security to all governors and royal palaces in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Mar 08, 2020

Breaking News
Saudi Arabia handed over security to all governors and royal palaces in Saudi Arabia
13 princes were arrested immediately
Three prominent princes, including the interior minister, were locked in their homes
All the royal palaces, including Riyadh and Jeddah, were given full control of the Pakistan Army

Al-Ahsa and Najran are the descendants of brother Abdul Aziz's brother, as well as cousins ​​of the Minister of Interior who are stopped.  The security of the palace was given to the Pakistan Army.
There are unconfirmed reports that King Salman has died

According to highly informed sources, the issue of Harman Sharif's closure is not linked to the virus but rather to a recent military coup in Saudi Arabia.  One of the royal family is named after Prince Salman's brother Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz.

According to sources, the uprising began with an attempt to assassinate Prince Mohammed bin Salman and then a new government was to be announced in the Khanba.

At the start of the uprising, news of the death of Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the Bahraini news channel began to run, but shortly after that the takers were removed.

There is contradictory information about Prince Mohammed bin Salman that he too was injured.

Along with the Saudi uprising, there was also information about the UAE's Wali Eh Mohammad Mohd bin Zayed being admitted to the American Hospital in Abu Dhabi due to a virus infected with the Corona virus, but later sources say Mohammad bin Zayed  The case has been diagnosed with poisoning instead of corona.


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